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Veteran’s Home of Ventura County

Civic Engagement Chair Pamela Kristjansson and her Westlake Women’s Club committee members: Claudette Davies, Sharon Nystrom, Saralei Flashner and Susan Grossman worked to support the Veteran’s Home of Ventura County which is assisted living for sixty (60) veterans - age 55 and over - including three women. A fantastic donation response of much needed items were collected and delivered by the Westlake Women’s Club team in the month of November 2020.

In addition to the donated items, the Civic Engagement Committee received $535 in checks, $61 in cash, and a $25 Target Gift card. Items were purchased with the $61 in cash and the $25 Target card, and then delivered to the Veteran's Home. The $535 check was presented to Ms.Stacie Merkes of the Ventura Veteran's Homes.

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