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Westlake Women’s Club Donation to the New Woodlands Family Shelter

In 2022 with proceeds from our philanthropic fundraising events the Westlake Women’s Club sponsored the refurbishing of one room in the amount of $ 5,000 at the Woodlands Family Shelter, in Woodland Hills, CA, a much needed facility which will offer assistance for families and children to recover from the trauma of homelessness.

In June 2023 the Westlake Women’s Club is proud to announce we are continuing to help The Woodlands Family Shelter to welcome 100 families in their path to end homelessness, by donating 80 Beds in a Bag to fund the completion of 20 rooms. The Club believes it is important to help to create a place of hope and healing for homeless families, in transition to find more permanent housing.

The Woodlands Family Shelter is a 100 unit, 400 bed transitional housing facility for single (men and women) and parent families in Woodland Hills, CA. It consists of two buildings contained in a secure area: one is a converted Hotel which provides secure rooms with four beds, microwave, small refrigerator, television, and a fully equipped bathroom. A restaurant facility has been converted into a daycare center so that the children feel safe and can find learning while their single parents prepare for job interviews to start working. The shelter also provides various community rooms as well as computer access for resume writing and children homework. Families will be provided with three meals a day

The Westlake Women’s Club is committed to continue assisting families experiencing homelessness. We donated three Tiny Homes in 2001 and 44 curtains, sewed by our members to bring privacy to the tenants of these homes.

We invite our followers to assist the Westlake Women’s Club to take action to help homelessness by visiting our website at and selecting to be a Sponsor.

Together We Can Make a Difference*

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