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April 13th, 2021 General Meeting

Beverlie Kirkpatrick 1st VP, Dean of Chairmen honored the following people in the April General Meeting for their work supporting the Westlake Women’s Club:

  1. Geoffrey Davies - for his work as Webmaster with an effusive applause from all attending the April meeting.

  2. Margo Lewis as Chair of the Arts & Culture Committee for the donation of a Mural in the Ventura County Family Justice Center to support Crime Prevention and mitigate future risks by helping the next generation of children in the Ventura community.

  3. Westlake Artist, Megan Sullivan for her contribution as the artist who worked with the children of Camp Hope in the Family Justice Center, helping them to create individual canvases to express their feelings through painting.

  4. Deanna Owens , as Chair for the October 2020 Domestic Violence Awareness Committee sponsoring donations for victims of domestic violence and trauma in our community.

  5. Celebrating the Birthday of the WWC Founder, Helene Ross--- WWC President, Jackie Harris presented Helene with a large Birthday Card created by Frieda Kabbash and signed by all attending the meeting.

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