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Connecting Pets and People - Shelter of Hope

Updated: May 22, 2022

Today, Westlake Women's Club 2nd. Vice President, Ms Cally Pantages, gave Ms Kim Sill of the Shelter of Hope a check for $807.00. This was the money raised from the sale of center pieces at the recent Fashions on Parade - Mamma Mia. The Center of Hope website is and they are located in the Janss Marketplace.

The Center for hope is aiding in and facilitating shelter and rescue pet adoptions; promoting education and awareness within the communities they serve; and making a positive impact in the lives of shelter and rescue animals and their adopters, as well as local shelters.

They are the premier source for adoptable dogs within the community. They help save the lives of hundreds of dogs each year. By doing so, they will also have a positive impact with helping to decrease the number of potential unhealthy puppy mill puppies purchased from for-profit and inhumane businesses.

They are part of the Shelter Hope Project, which strives to make this the business model for all pet shops nationwide. They hope to abolish all puppy mill pet shops, help find homes for the countless pets in our shelters that face euthanasia, and educate the public on how they can all help reduce future shelter population.

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