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HONEY BAKED HAM - Fundraiser for family, friends and members

The Westlake Women's Club is conducting a fundraiser for the holiday season in conjunction with the HONEY BAKED HAM company!

Simply, before you head off to the HONEY BAKED HAM store, purchase & print a gift card (you may also want to purchase a few gift cards either for your future use or to give as holiday gifts)!! No fuss – no mess!!"

Please go to our fundraising page at: Westlake Women's Club Fundraiser Page

  • With HONEY BAKED HAM gift cards, you can shop online or in person at any store location nationwide.

  • HONEY BAKED HAM can package and ship your selected product directly to you or to whomever you wish.

  • Our fund raising goals will be shown on our HONEY BAKED HAM dashboard.

  • 20% of all sales contribute to Westlake Women's Club philanthropy efforts!

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