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January General Meeting - Guest Ken Craft, Hope of the Valley Mission

At the January General Meeting held at Los Robles Greens Golf Club our Club members and guests celebrated our new members present, Pearl Coburn, Laura Raulinaitis, Roz Gross and Connie Mercurio.

We joined in appreciating Claudette Davies as Chair of Membership with a GFWC-CFWC hand embroidered handkerchief, as well as our Birthdays of the month and Patti Ruff- our dedicated table flower arrangement member who won the Birthday exotic tropical plant.

All attendees expressed gratitude for the informative presentation of Mr. Ken Craft, CEO of the HOPE of the Valley mission. We were made aware that the numbers for homelessness in LA are reported to be more than 82,000 men, women and children and in the San Fernando Valley over 8,400. It was presented to us the immense difficulties a homeless person encounters in their daily life and how important is to help to provide a safe and clean place to live , with job, counseling and medical assistance , as well as a substance abuse program for those in need of additional support.

Before the luncheon the Westlake Women’s Club Civic Engagement team presented Mr. Craft with the donation of 42 curtains that were sewn by our members for ten (10) of the Tiny Homes in the Tiny Home Village of North Hollywood, two of which homes- for a value of $ 6,000 - were donated by the Club after our 2021 Philanthropic Fashion Show fundraiser

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