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January General Meeting- I Can, I Will

The Westlake Women’s Club January General Meeting Guest Speaker, Dr. Frederick Elias presented on “I Can, I Will”, a Life Coaching presentation which introduces concepts on self-esteem and how to accept reality. During his presentation, Dr. Elias organized group practices with all members and guests to learn to become proactive in our lives, through discipline and focusing on developing positive mental attitudes.

Dr. Elias is committed to improving organizational leadership styles through the use of communication and motivation. Dr. Elias has attained national recognition as an educator and consultant in organizational development, organizational behavior, industrial psychology, and human resource management. He is a dynamic speaker and author in the areas of motivation, communication mastery, team building, self-esteem enhancement, personal goal setting, and empowerment.

He is author of the acclaimed I CAN I WILL, Dynamics for Personal Success (ODC Publishing, 1992) and Maximum Impact: Strategies for Life Fitness, in which he encourages readers and listeners to increase self-confidence, manage emotions, and overcome barriers to success. He brings these concepts to the corporate environment through hands-on workshops that provide participants with the necessary tools to make personal changes for lifelong success. The results are vast improvements in the Quality of Work Life (QWL) and enhanced cooperation and compatibility in working relationships.

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